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Longing for something Chic? This summer in Hong Kong, one of the major figures of French Street Art scene, Nasty, creates a special ‘Choc is Chic’ Collection in celebration of La Maison du Chocolat’s 40th anniversary, filling the brand’s classic gift boxes with stylish contemporary emotions.

Because art is evocative and unique, because it surprises us and arouses emotion, La Maison du Chocolat sets its sights on avant-garde expression. Urban art, with its pictorial poetry and transgressions, succumbs to aesthetic rigor and now puts its stamp on these iconic gift boxes.

La Maison du Chocolat gave carte blanche for its mythical universe to Nasty, famous Street Art artist, legendary for his use of unusual media to express his art. In his hands, hot gold leaf meets aerosol, and beauty embraces both soft and rough edges.

His enthusiastic art, with its vibrant colours, provokes sensations and emotions identical to those of the nostalgic delights of chocolate. Nasty immerses us in a world of graffiti no longer limited to the streets. With a stroke of creative genius, the artist reinvents and elevates each gift box to cult status. 


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