Sequoia-studio is a strategy, innovation & industrial design agency. We help your business to innovate, to improve its competitiveness, to reinforce its positioning, and making sustainable profits in 3 ways:
• Consulting: providing insights, advices and guidance to reinforce your global market awareness, develop your brand image, and help you to make more accurate and relevant business decisions.
• Industrial design: designing & developing more attractive and innovative products/services, in line with your brand image and targeted market(s).
• Coaching: helping you to improve your understanding of design, developing your company's global design culture, and improving its everyday use of design to gain more competitiveness.

Our job is to create value, to give meaning and relevance to your brand and your products & services. For that, we take into account all relevant factors that contribute to building sustainable business for your company: more desirable products, stronger user experience, clearer and more impactful brand image and greater customer loyalty... and much more. Contact us to find out how exactly.

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2 local

5 worldwide

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8th 806
Capitol Centre
5-19 Jardine's Bazaar
Causeway Bay