What does it mean to be a female entrepreneur in Hong Kong? The topic of women in business is one that's widely covered, but we wanted to take a different approach by getting to know the stories of some of the female entrepreneurs who are making their mark in Hong Kong. Their struggles, their failures, their triumphs.

Like any entrepreneur, these women are strong-willed, resilient, creative, vulnerable, brave, imperfect, inspiring. It’s no surprise that Hong Kong is a great place to be an entrepreneur. Let’s celebrate it through a different lens. Sit down, relax, discover.


Who we spoke to in this edition:

Janice Wang, CEO, Alvanon – ‘The right fit’

Diana Chou, Founder, Sino Private Aviation Limited – ‘The view from above’

May Chow, Chef & restaurateur – ‘From little things

Fanny Moizant, Co-Founder, Vestiaire Collective‘A new chapter’

Nansun Shi, Co-Founder, Film Workshop – ‘The leading role’

Ariane Zagury, Founder, Rue Madame Fashion Group – ‘Failure is normal’

Bonnie Cheung, Partner, 500 Startups – ‘Progress’