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Mastering e-commerce in China

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Wednesday 16 September 2020 - 12:00 Am

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Through real life examples and case studies this training will help you master the Chinese e-commerce market.



Through real life examples and case studies this training will help you master the Chinese e-commerce market.

Market Insights
• Who are the Chinese internet users and online buyers?
• Focus on the mobile market in China
• Market size / growth
• Why do Chinese consumers buy online?

Marketplaces and e-Tailers
• Importance of e-marketplaces in China’s e-commerce scene
• Focus on Tmall & JD / niche players
• Shoppers acquisition on e-marketplaces
• Costs and team necessary to set up and run

Cross-border e-commerce
• What and why Chinese shoppers buy on cross-border e-commerce with a focus on main players
• Why and how brands can leverage cross-border e-commerce
• Review of the different logistics options
• Cross-border tax – New scheme and positive List

Stand-alone e-commerce website
• The localisation of an e-commerce website for China
• Hosting a website in China Digital landscape & Baidu
• Baidu and Baidu marketing
• Basics of Baidu SEO

• Livestreaming / short videos and e-commerce Social marketing and social e-commerce
• Social marketing insights / Why social marketing is a must for e-commerce in China
• Weibo is not dead! How can a brand use Weibo?
• WeChat features / accounts / ecosystem


• Local Chinese e-commerce market
• Best e-commerce practices in China
• The Chinese digital ecosystem


Cyril Drouin is the Chief e-Commerce Officer for Greater China at Publicis Communications. He is based in the Shanghai office and runs the Publicis Commerce practice in China. Cyril has more than 10 years’ e-commerce and digital experience in China. Local and international companies have come to rely on his e-commerce and digital marketing expertise to successfully optimise or create their digital and e-commerce presence in China. Cyril is a regular, wellrespected speaker and trainer at various digital and e-commerce conferences. He hosts high-level training sessions about the Chinese e-commerce ecosystem in China and around the world.

Master’s degree in IT & mathematics. He is native in French and fluent in English, and also has a good command of Chinese, so his trainings are attended by trainees from all walks of life in Chinese business.


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