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Sector : Banking,  Insurance
Manpower : 50 employees
Established in : 1997

<p>The Abacare Group was established by Patrick Marie Herbet to promote ethical and personal services to companies and individuals in the field of insurance and financial services.</p>
ABACARE HONG KONG LTD is a member of the Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers (CIB).</p>

<p>We specialise in:</p>
- Health and Medical Insurance:</br>
We offer 24-hour worldwide medical coverage, hospitalisation, dental and evacuation cover.</p>
- Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Retirement Plans</br>
We represent major life insurance companies to cover your specific needs.</p>
- Employee Benefits:</p>
We offer employee benefit programs with group medical and life insurance, disability and retirement plans for employees and their families.</br>
We also provide MPF retirement plans.</p>
- General Insurance:</br>
We cover all risks globally through our international network</p>

Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Cebu and Singapore</p>

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Thibaud Sarrazin Business Developper
Jean-Charles Herbet Business Development Manager