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Sector : Consulting,  Education & Training,  Luxury

<p>With the emergence of e-commerce, retail stores have become a major place for experiencing brands and receiving the highest level of service. As a retail consulting firm dedicated to premium and luxury brands, ACDL specializes in end-to-end human resource solutions for front line staff, from assessment of all factors that impact the customer’s experience, through to design and implementation of training and e-learning solutions.</p>

<p>Our services are founded on our key principles of ARDI - Assess, Recommend, Design and Implement - to ensure significant and long-lasting improvements in retail performance since 2009.</p>

<p>ACDL understands blended learning solutions are the best answers in today’s environment. ACDL has been supporting brands in their digital transition: our in-house team creates tailor-made learning content (ACDL Studio) and our own learning app (ACDL: The Academy) offers an engaging learning program. </p>
Our e-learning and m-learning programs aim to be integrated in brands’ global training strategies to totally meet the new approach of retail.</p>

<p>With offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and more recently Korea, Paris and London, ACDL provides 100% tailor-made solutions to premium and luxury brands, specializing in Fashion, Watch & Jewelry, Cosmetics and Wine & Spirits.</p>

<p>AuCoeurDuLuxe, it is French for the “heart of luxury” and what we define and believe is at the core of luxury business. Nothing epitomizes the industry’s spirit and essence more than the human factor, whether it is the relationship between the consumer and the brand, or the relationship between the brand and its ambassador</p>
The drive to exceed client expectations is synonymous across luxury brands, therefore leveraging these relationships and empowering its people fundamentally holds the key to success.</p>

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Laurence Ouaknine President & Founder