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Sector : Architecture,  Retail,  Luxury
Manpower : 10 employees
Established in : 2012

Baseline is a multi-cultural Lighting Design Studio -with more than 35 years experience in large scale projects- offering lighting consultancy services and bespoke Design & Build solutions based on strong partnerships with product providers and manufacturers.

We are passionate about creating unique lighting atmospheres that enhance senses. This enables brands to develop competitive advantage through best customer experience. Our Lighting guidelines focus on your products by creating the right contrast in the stores, hotels, offices, providing strong differentiation and generating equity to your Architecture and brand.
Baseline Methodology takes into account local culture and standards covering all steps from application, installation to maintenance, tailor-made for the specific segments and geographical sector..
We work intimately with your design specialist teams to build up lighting guidelines that will secure strong differentiation and equity to your environment.

Concept: Baseline develops a Lighting Concept in accordance to your brand DNA and in collaboration with your design team.
Lighting Design: We work out the concept to a detailed plan, which takes into account physical constrains and emphasizes architectural details
Products: Quality lighting partnerships, enables us to provide the perfect lighting fixtures matching specific design & performance requirements.
Focus & Maintenance: It is an essential step of your atmosphere creation & sustainability. Accurate lights directions and showcasing.

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Boris Duhamel CEO & Creative Director
Rudy Bottin Design & Engineering Manager