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Sector : Consulting,  Financial Services,  Translation & Interpreters
Manpower : 5 employees
Established in : 2015

Alto Asia provides premium language services to listed corporations, event organisers, banks and governments, worldwide. We specialise in Finance and Legal communication, as well as Corporate communication, in English/French <-> Chinese/Japanese.

At Alto, we listen to you, stand by you and provide the advice, insights and coaching you need to communicate and get your message across in foreign languages.


Alto International was founded in 1997 to provide high quality language and language-related services to its clients, most of whom are well-known companies and corporations.

With offices in Hong Kong and Paris, it has seen a steady increase in its volume of business and currently employs a core staff of project managers and finance and administration officers.


Where companies typically see lexicological impositions —binding legal vocabulary for annual reports and mandatory terminology for financial meetings— Alto sees an opportunity to stand out and set the pace with a comprehensive approach encompassing both what you want to say and how you want to say it. At Alto, we see our role as supporting our clients, large and small, in their efforts to communicate effectively with all their stakeholders, and we are happy for them to take the credit for any all resulting benefits. We treat all information entrusted to us in utmost confidentiality, and impose the same obligation on all those who work under our banner.

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