AXA forms partnership in Virtual Reality (VR) treatment for mental wellbeing

AXA is committed to improving access to mental health treatments in Asia and reducing stigma, and is proud to be a partner of the Yes I Can initiative, a pioneering trial to assess the effectiveness of Virtual Reality (VR) treatment for mental wellbeing. This first-of-a-kind partnership with Oxford VR and The Chinese University of Hong Kong, is piloting ground-breaking automated immersive therapy for mental health in Asia including the Greater Bay Area.

The second phase of research on a cutting-edge VR programme aims to help people who are severely anxious in everyday social situations. With COVID related lockdowns affecting the mental health of the Hong Kong population, this trial comes even more timely. For those who seek help, there is a long waiting time due to the lack of resources and a trained workforce. The study hopes the use of immersive technology could be an innovative, accessible and destigmatising solution for individuals seeking high-quality therapy. Therefore, effective technological solutions that are evidence-based offer the potential for widespread, quick and easy access.