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Spinifex teams up with Elton John for farewell tour launch

Every artist strives to form an emotional connection with new and loyal fans. That’s why Elton and his Rocket Entertainment team turned to Spinifex to create a global press moment that would send shockwaves around the world as he launched his Farewell Tour. From the first conversation, it was clear this was not going to be your standard press event. The news was to be announced to the world in the very manner that has defined Elton and his creative output over a dazzling career - innovative, daring and totally original.

“We wanted to make a statement about the way we launched this next phase of his life and remind the world that 50 years after he burst onto the scene in a cyclone of creativity, he still has the potential to shock, delight and deliver something extraordinary in a completely new way.”

The Launch was centered around a marquee event at Gotham Hall in New York City designed to coincide with the 60th Annual Grammy Awards. The event was also simultaneously transmitted to venues in Los Angeles and London. In addition, a VR live stream gave fans from around the best seat in the house and a rare opportunity to experience the show like they were actually there.

We designed an experience that would connect Elton’s past with his future. Starting with an immersive VR film that would take the audience on a journey through time and space. Faithfully recreating some of Elton’s most iconic performances and memorable achievements. Using cutting edge motion capture and visual effects techniques to enable the audience to go inside Elton’s world and experience these moments like they were actually there. All delivered in beautifully crafted stereo 360 VR experience.

The VR experience seamlessly handed off to a live performance from Elton himself. The past connected with the present as the audience removed their headsets to bring the 50 year journey through time to a dramatic crescendo as Elton performed with the support of spectacular projections which transformed the room into a fantastical world influenced by the music and lyrics of some of his biggest hits.

Following his spectacular performance Elton sat down with Anderson Cooper to share his plans for the future in a live global Q&A that enabled press in New York, London and LA to ask questions about what Elton has planned for the next phase of his life, including the 4 year, 300 show Farewell Tour.

“This isn’t just tech for tech’s sake, the digital assets we are capturing and creating will extend Elton’s magic for generations to come. In a similar event to the one we witnessed in the transition from photography to film, there will be a clear line in history that will separate stories told inside the frame and the ones that are given dimension and unleashed into the world around us. The ability to capture true three-dimensional representations of a moment in time provides a previously unimaginable sense of presence. Without any of the 3D data that new techniques for image-making provide, we are eliminating our ability to take advantage of all emerging and future formats. Great songs endure the test of time and we believe bringing them to life in this way will enable people 50 years from now to discover and experience the full impact of Elton’s music.” Ben Casey CEO Spinifex Group.

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