Book a meeting room

Meeting rooms can accommodate up to 20 people and are fully equipped with wi-fi, telephone and projector (except small room up to 6 persons).

Video conferencing equipment is available for an additional fee of 350 HKD per hour (500 HKD for non-members) in meeting rooms from 10 people.

Up to 6 persons: Macau Room (21/F)
Half Day: 1,000 HKD
Full Day:  2,200 HKD

Up to 10 persons: Hong Kong Room (21/F)
1/2 day: 1,500 HKD
Full Day 3,200 HKD

Up to 20 persons: China Room (21/F)
1/2 day: 2,500 HKD
Full Day 4,800 HKD

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