Entrepreneurs Advisory Lab

Entrepreneurs Advisory Lab (EAL) aims at offering strategic advices to entrepreneurs and start-up companies for them to succeed in their new business developments, while offering them networking opportunities. Advisors are experienced, as they all come from different backgrounds, enabling them to cover and assist a wide range of activities.

You should be interested in this Lab, if:
- You have a good knowledge of the Hong Kong business scene, or
- You are a successful entrepreneur.

Members’ Profile:-
- 80% are entrepreneurs. 

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Past testimonials:

2 years after having launched our business in Hong Kong our company request strategic choices to be made.  I had the opportunity to expose our company’s milestones, situations and challenges and I was expecting to get clear and direct opinions in return.
It was a great experience as I asked concrete questions to 5 professionals who carefully listened and return me a clear opinion each participant having time to explain their point.
Thanks to this exchange I got a better view of what shall be the next steps to drive my business forward and I will certainly keep in touch with the BAG group in future.
I especially encourage entrepreneurs who want to clarify options to solicitate the BAG group.

Fabien Fontaine


As a young start-up, it was super interesting to present our project to a panel of professionals in Hong Kong. As advisors said, it is a “bac blanc”.
It is a “bac blanc” and needed exercise to train and present our platform. Questions, advices were really pertinent for me to go further, and took into account their comments.
I recommend it to everyone, and will definitely be back for the second “bac blanc” taking into accounts their advices.

Ghislain Henno
Founder, UPCYBOM ltd


French Chamber of Commerce delivered an exceptional experience through the Entrepreneurs Advisory Lab for my early stage start-up Expanter, a B2B marketplace platform to digitize cross-border operations. It is a private "closed door" environment to receive well-rounded, objective and thoughtful feedback from advisors with background spans from corporate, entrepreneurship, tech, legal and finance - an ideal stage to pitch and collect feedback for start-ups in ideation, prototype or growth stages. The most valuable learning for me is the art of simplification - to begin, simply your message, products, pricing and customers, while staying truthful but adaptable to your long-term vision. I honor this experience and encourage any entrepreneurs to make the most of the great opportunity offered by the chamber.

Jasmine Zhu
Founder CEO, Expanter 

I am very glad to have participated in a session of the Entrepreneurs Advisory Lab committee of the Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong as an entrepreneur. This meeting supervised by varied and seasonal experts allowed me to present my company and to exchange in a friendly atmosphere on various subjects related to my company. Everyone's feedback allowed me to review and structure certain elements that I was missing, but also to reinforce others. This exercise was therefore very enriching and I recommend it to any entrepreneur, whatever the stage of development of his professional activity.

Florian Gaudel
Fondateur, The Method Research


Jean-Roch MARTIN
Finance Advisory Board Ltd


Hacene TAIBI