Members' privileges



Your new digital membership card

Accessing your members-only offers just got even easier. We’re delighted to let you know that our membership card has gone virtual!

This means you can access your Members Privileges with just a swift scan of your QR code. Simply show this code (available in your private profile) to the shop or restaurant to prove that your membership is valid for the year 2021-2022.

Go to your private space, click here.

Any questions? Get in touch with us,


Pamper yourself at Kaos! Get a $100 Gift Card for Nail and Waxing services


FLYDESK Workspace

Free day trials + 80 HKD bonus with your first purchase of FLYDESK credits for the French Chamber members.



3 months free trial on the FLYDESK App for the French Chamber members.



Enjoy a Free discovery call of 60min – want to try coaching and get clarity on your next goals? Let’s start the next chapter of your career or business now!

ShoppingGrocery & Catering


Free trial. Enjoy 2-week office coffee solution (coffee machine and premium coffee beans inclusive).



A free consultation of 30 mins with EQUANCE.



Enjoy 10% off on our annual fee for company operational management services or on our first fiscal consulting session (written).

Grocery & Catering

Phenix by OnTheList

Enjoy 10% on Phenix App, in addition to the 50% discount deals you will already find there

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