Mentoring programme

About the programme

Every year, the French Chamber's mentoring programme matches ambitious young professionals with senior business executives as part of a two-way learning experience to further careers and enrich understanding.

The guidance given by a senior mentor can go a long way in helping a young mentee navigate the early stages of their career and understand the nuances of the business world.

Similarly, mentors are often looking to enrich their own professional experience by offering their advice and learning from tomorrow's talent.


The 2020 edition is now FULLY BOOKED!

Why should you join?

  • Guidance for those new to the workforce: The guidance given by a senior mentor can go a long way in helping a young mentee navigate the early stages of their career and understand the nuances of the business world.
  • Professional advice from high-profile business executives: A rare opportunity for young professionals to meet experienced executives for knowledge sharing, skills and experience to assist their mentee’s progress in their own life and career.
  • Link with the future generation: By pairing with a young professional, mentors will be able to gain a new perspective on the ambitions and expectations of tomorrow's talent.

Who can join? 

The mentoring programme is for French Chamber members only.


Mentees: Young professionals (who are less than 30 years old) with at least one year of significant work experience

Mentors: Senior professionals with more than 15 years of work experience


How does it work? 

Step 1: Applications open until 20 September 2020

Step 2: Mentors/mentees select their top 5 profiles

Step 3: Speed matching session (15 October, 18:30 - 20:00)

Step 4: Mentors/mentees select their top 3 profiles after the session

Step 5: Mentor/mentee’s confirmation upon receiving the final pairing result

Step 6: Mentors and mentees undergo a one-hour introduction training led by a mentoring expert

Step 7: Monthly one-on-one meetings between mentors and mentees for the following eight months

Mentors and mentees will get together for a final celebratory cocktail with all the other pairs to wrap up the programme.


Speed matching session made possible by: