HongKongEcho Magazine

HONG KONG ECHO 108 - Art, Culture, Entertainment and Design

As the Chamber's signature publication, HongKongEcho features in-depth business insights and the latest updates from the Chamber and its members.

Featuring interviews with key business actors from across the city's business landscape, HongKongEcho takes a close look at the major topics on the minds of corporate leaders and professionals in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area.

Published quarterly, it provides a snapshot of the Chamber's recent activity and highlights from among our members.

HongKongEcho is distributed both to the Chamber's members and the wider business community in the lobbies of co-working spaces, French institutions, and major corporates.

  • Frequency: 3 issues a year (Spring, Summer & Winter)
  • Audience: 20,000 readers (print and online)
  • Distribution: French Chamber members, premium co-working spaces, lobbies of leading French businesses and institutions, hotels, etc.
  • Language: English


Art, Culture, Entertainment and Design

Central to this edition is the recognition of Hong Kong as a hub for Art, Culture, Entertainment, and Design. Through the insightful articles presented, we aim to highlight the city’s multifaceted contributions to the global cultural stage.

The Greater Bay Area

Embark on an in-depth exploration of one of the hottest topics in the region - the Greater Bay Area (GBA).

Metaverse: A virtual reality

Reality is out – the metaverse is in. How will Hong Kong handle this new virtual reality?

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