Reach out to our multilingual recruitment experts

As a recruitment agency with a strong track record helping organisations of all sizes, we’re here to accompany you throughout the hiring process.

Whether you speak French, English, Mandarin or Cantonese, call us to match your company with the right talent.

Our candidates

We scour the market for the best local and international staff from entry to senior levels to find the right match for your company. Our linguistically diverse database is updated regularly and all candidates we refer to you have been screened by our experts in person.

Our fees

We offer a highly competitive fee structure based on the annual salary of our candidates with no retainers and payment made only upon successful placement. The fee for company members of the Chamber is 15% of the annual salary, or 18% for non-members.

Our clients

We work with a range of companies from SMEs to major corporates to meet their recruitment needs. Covering diverse sectors and industries, we are experienced in tailoring our service to seek out the best candidate for you.

Our process

  • Organise an exploratory meeting with you to understand the profile of candidate you're seeking and your expectations.
  • Launch the search by actively searching within our database and posting the offer on various job platforms.
  • Screen candidates with a face-to-face interview.
  • Select the most relevant profiles to introduce to you and offer our detailed input on each candidate's suitability.

The recruitment fees will be applied only if you choose one of our candidates.

Note: We do not take any retention fees.

Throughout the year, the Chamber organises a full lineup of immersive trainings to help you bolster your skills for the modern workplace. Take a look to see what we can offer you or your team!

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