The Greater Bay Way #1: Innovation

The ‘Greater Bay Area’ (GBA) is meant to foster the collaboration and integration of nine Southern Chinese cities and the two special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau.

In doing so, it looks to turn the region into a dynamic, international economic hub as well as an innovation and technology powerhouse to rival the world’s other Bay Areas, most notably: Silicon Valley.

Made possible by Capgeminia series of seminars on the development of different aspects in the GBA was launched by the French Chamber. The series kicked off on 29 October 2019 with a breakfast talk with a number of entrepreneurs, start-ups, and incubators across the regions.

The programme on the day included:

  • Keynote speech by Elvie Lahournere, Director Digital and Innovation APAC, Natixis on Developing an Innovation and Technology Hub
  • Startups panel moderated by Leila Pritchard, Associate Director, Consumer Products & Retail, Capgemini Invent with Neoma, Ubudu, Okra Solar, Playpulse
  • Fireside chat between Chadwick Xu, Co-Founder of Zowee and Shenzhen Valley Ventures, and Alva Qian, APAC Chief Strategic Initiatives, Capgemini