Business for Good - Setting the scene

We were delighted to launch 'Business for Good', a series of webinars and events to inspire, connect, and share solutions to reach global sustainable development goals, with its first webinar on 18 June 2020 morning.

As leaders in all kinds of organisations face the forces reshaping our world, the keys to corporate success are changing. For businesses to stay relevant, it is vital to reinvent models and strategies to address today’s pressing challenges as business opportunities.

In times of crisis and adversity, creating and assessing a purpose-driven economy is fundamental for rebound as it prepares businesses to quickly adapt and respond to the changing consumers' needs and social responsibility.

In the first installment of Business for Good, we walked through the concept and a global case study of the modern purpose-driven business model with speakers from the Economist Corporate NetworkAIAMedix Group and Shared Value Project.

In this webinar, we covered the following topics:

  • How to prepare your business for the rebound with balanced economic and social purposes
  • Strategies to enhance economic benefits from operating a purpose-driven business
  • A case study of global and regional collaborations between corporates
  • An outlook on cross-industry solutions

Over 60 participants joined us along with our speakers:

  • Sigal Atzmon, CEO, Medix Group
  • Gaelle Loiseau, CEO, Shared Value Project Hong Kong
  • Janet Pau, Director, The Economist Corporate Network
  • Bonnie Tse, General Manager, Corporate, Strategy, and Wealth Management, AIA Hong Kong and Macau