Understanding genetic testing and its business implications

We were delighted to welcome Danny Yeung (Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Prenetics), Celia Chan (Chief Health Officer, HSBC Life), and Professor Nelson Tang (Faculty of Medicine, Chinese University of Hong Kong) to share their insights on the current genetic testing ecosystem on 26 May 2021.

Professor Tang opened the webinar with an overview of the evolution of genetic testing. Following that, Danny walked us through the unique features and technologic breakthrough in Prenetics' offerings, while Celia shared later on the future trends of consumer genetic testing in the healthcare and insurance sector.

The three speakers were then joined by our moderators Marie-Claire Slama (President, Healthcare and Insurance Committee of the French Chamber in Hong Kong) and Yvon Le Renard (Managing Director, Clever Age Asia and President, Digital Innovation Committee of the French Chamber in Hong Kong) as they discuss the practical business implications of consumer genetic testing.