An economist's view: Ukraine conflict's impact in Asia

In the wake of recent military conflict in Ukraine, countries across the globe have imposed a swathe of sanctions on Russia, impacting a wide range of sectors. From Hong Kong, and even broader from an Asian market point of view, what are the short-term and mid-term financial impacts? From an economic standpoint, what will be China's role in this international crisis?

In this virtual morning talk with Alicia García Herrero, Chief Economist for Asia Pacific at Natixis, and Honorary Economist at the French Chamber in Hong Kong to heard her analysis on the impact of theUkraine conflict in Asia.

Alicia started by highlighting the short-term economic implications caused by the US and EU sanctions, Russia's response in view of the series of sanctions and its financial linkages in Asia. She then focused on the economic view of China's role in this international crisis, and analyse how China may affect Russia’s ability to endure sanctions. Furthermore, she provided her point of view on the medium-term consequences for the Asian market.


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