CCIFI Sport Challenge: Award ceremony

On 16 June, Hong Kong's winning teams from the CCIFI Sport Challenge received their prizes following the end of the inaugural edition of the global initiative which finished on World Ocean Day, 8 June.

Bringing together 11 French Chambers worldwide, we are delighted to say Hong Kong had the highest level of participation anywhere in the world, contributing to the 38,199kg of CO2 saved and 473,059 kilometres covered.

Some other fun facts about our performance:

  • total distance of nearly 12 times around the earth,
  • we ran 1,876 marathons and,
  • cycled 34 times the Tour de France!

A special congratulations to Mazars, GiFi Asia Ltd, and Dragages Hong Kong Limited, who were the highest performing teams in Hong Kong and took home a host of prizes thanks to our generous sponsors.

Thank you to our sponsors: Decathlon, Dragages Hong Kong, Natixis, Triggerpoint, Maison Routin, Bistro Breton, Bonne Maman, La Creperie, LKF Concepts, Moet Hennessy Diageo, My Market, Ocean Park, Phenix, Pierre Fabre, Plantin Kiavari by Gourmet en Provence, Vintage Wine.

Congratulations to the winners:

No. 1: Mazars FIS Gladiators

No. 2: Mazars Bunnies

No. 3: Gifi Asia Team 4

No. 4: Gifi Asia Team 3

No. 5: DragagesHK-SonicBlast