China Committee: Cybersecurity and data privacy in Hong Kong and China

In this online China Committee meeting, we heard from Emily Austin (Associate) and Philip Rohlik (International Counsel) from Debevoise Plimpton about 'Cybersecurity and Data Privacy in Hong Kong and mainland China'.

During the webinar, speakers first explained to participants what are the areas of business where data privacy considerations are relevant. They then illustrated Hong Kong Regulatory Framework concerning Data Privacy and Cybersecurity, personal data protection, the six data protection principles under PDPO and specific sectoral regulation (e.g. insurance/banking/securities). They not only focused on regulation in Hong Kong, but also shed light on regulation of transfer of personal data outside of Hong Kong. Last but not least, they will cover mainland China's Regulatory Framework concerning Data Privacy and Cybersecurity, existing PRC regulatory framework including new Data Security Law and proposed draft Personal Information Protection Law.


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