Workshop Series: Covid restrictions and employment law

Our latest Workshop Series session to tackle the key employment law issues and navigate the practical challenges around the current Covid restrictions as an employer.

In this workshop, we welcomed Cynthia Chun (Partner, Deacons) in conversation with our moderator, Anne De Roulhac (Head of French Desk, Fidinam (Hong Kong) Limited) for the third instalment of our series to guide you step by step with an informative discussion. 

Some of the key highlights cover in our workshop:

  • Shall my staff work from home? Best working arrangement complying with EO?

  • If a staff is tested positive, what measures shall be taken?

  • If a staff is a close contact, what measures shall be taken?

  • Is it possible to adopt restraining measures towards non-vaccinated staff?

  • Mandatory quarantine & testing: if treated as ‘sick-leave’ what does this mean in practice?

  • Termination & Resignations during Covid times, what shall employer pay attention to?

  • ‘Duty of Care’ of the employer towards its employees, what does it mean in practice?

  • Is there a similar ‘Duty of Care’ of employees towards each other?

  • Other/miscellaneous.