CCIFI Sport Challenge 2023 | Prize Ceremony

On 3 May 2023, the prize ceremony for the CCIFI Sport Challenge took place in Hong Kong, celebrating the outstanding achievements of the winning teams. This global initiative, bringing together 24 chambers worldwide, had a total of 524 teams, including 51 teams from Hong Kong, who made a remarkable contribution to saving 29,574 kg of CO2 during the four-week event. The participants covered a combined distance of 767,620 km, with Hong Kong teams alone covering 68,593 km.

The top-performing teams in Hong Kong were recognised for their exceptional performance and dedication throughout the challenge. The winning teams were as follows:

  1. 🇭🇰 Sourcing Savages
  2. Crosscall Hong Kong
  3. 🇭🇰🥐 Les Croissants c’est la vie 💪
  4. 🇭🇰 Aigle🦅 - Dream team VKMSD
  5. 🇭🇰 Mazars FA

These teams demonstrated remarkable teamwork, determination, and resilience, showcasing the spirit of sportsmanship in Hong Kong.

The CCIFI Sport Challenge not only promoted physical activity and teamwork but also highlighted the importance of environmental conservation. By saving 29,574 kg of CO2 collectively, the participating teams made a significant impact in reducing their carbon footprint. Their efforts exemplify the spirit of responsible and sustainable living.

Congratulations once again to all the winning teams and participants for their outstanding achievements in the CCIFI Sport Challenge. Your dedication, perseverance, and commitment to a healthier and more sustainable future are truly inspiring.

Together, we can continue to make a positive difference in our communities and strive for a greener and more active world.

Thank you to our sponsors for their continuous support. We extend our gratitude to Balega, Dragages Hong Kong, Decathlon, Amundi, CACEIS, AIGLE, Ocean Park, Pierre Fabre, Native Union, Triggerpoint, Decathlon, LeXgo Wine, and Oolaa Group for their valuable contributions and support throughout the event. Their commitment to promoting sports, sustainability, and community engagement is truly commendable.