Ebele OnyeaboAssociate Director (Climate and Sustainability), KPMG

Ebele has a Ph.D. in Energy transition policy and is currently an Associate Director (Climate and Sustainability) at KPMG. She is a lawyer with over 10 years’ experience in energy law, energy transition and sustainability. Her sector experience includes the electric power sector, oil companies and energy research. She is an experienced analyst of complex energy governance systems. This includes critical assessments of the institutional and regulatory framework for electricity markets, National and International Oil Companies (NOCs and IOCs); and how these structures propel or deter energy transition.

Ebele has worked on projects that involve the socio-economic impact and implementation strategy for decommissioning coal fire power plants in China; the climate risk and energy security impact of rising sea levels on critical oil and gas port infrastructure and shipping assets; and a technical report on the investment in smart grid infrastructure in liberalized, vertically integrated and hybrid electricity markets and their enabling regulatory environment.

Overall, her areas of expertise include energy transition policy, ESG, climate risk analysis, stranded assets, decarbonizing hard to abate sectors, clean-tech investment and the political economy of climate change. Ebele is passionate about other topics such as the economic asymmetries that derails a ‘just transition’, and the impact of climate change on poor economies and marginalized people. Ebele is an ardent advocate for more women in energy.