Kristy WongAssociate Director, ESG Investment Specialist at Amundi

Kristy Wong is Associate Director, ESG Investment Specialist, at Amundi based in Hong Kong. She has 13 years of experience in ESG across the financial and public sectors in Hong Kong. She drives the ESG finance and investment development by being an ESG working group member of eight different investor initiatives and industry associations.

Prior to joining Amundi, she was Vice President, ESG at Bank of America from 2018. Before this, Kristy has garnered experience in ESG advisory at Ernst & Young and the Hong Kong Productivity Council.

She is a Chartered Environmentalist at the Society for the Environment UK and a Chartered Water and Environmental Manager at the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management. She also holds various professional certificates including the Certificate in ESG Investing from CFA UK, and Certified ESG Analyst (CESGA) from the European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies.