Romain CamermanCo Founder & Managing Director, IN2LOG

Roman arrived in Shenzhen in 2007 to setup logistics operations for CAFOM Group (Household appliance retailer). In 2012 he had the idea of launching a logistics company in China with partner Géraud de la Tullaye to support European brands and retailers with their Challenges dealing with logistics in China. The go-ahead happen in 2013 with the creation of In2log limited which now has 150 employees, generating an yearly revenue of 23M USD and operating over 45,000 SQM of warehouses in Shenzhen, Hongkong and Shanghai. Through its services, In2log proposes two distinct activities : Asia and China Distribution for brands like Rimowa, Caudalie, Beaba, Christofle,… and upstream logistics solutions for retailers like BUT, Jardiland, and Mr Bricolage.