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Data and IoT: new allies of operational efficiency - Two examples in Smart Energy and Healthcare

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Hear from CLPe Solutions and Ubudu Asia about leveraging data and IoT across the fields of Smart City, logistics, and healthcare.


When IoT and data drive developments in the healthcare sector in response to the pandemic or to achieve energy control, it holds promise for many industries. Get inspired by two examples of uses in health and energy to develop operational efficiency through IoT, data and artificial intelligence.

How has the healthcare sector transformed digitally in response to the pandemic? How can you cut costs with more efficient energy management? The concept of building a smart city is not new but what are the best practices to connect the different dots in our everyday lives to achieve operational efficiency?

Supported by the Wise City Committee, this webinar will bring together Travis KAN (General Manager – Energy Management of CLPe Solutions) and Victor Bogey (General Manager of Ubudu Asia) to share their experiences and insights on leveraging the use of data and IoT to help tracking, integrating solutions, and better resource allocation.

Key takeaways:

  • The application of IoT devices and AI developments
  • Challenges and potential legal issues for collecting data and using IoT devices
  • How to strike a balance between safety and productivity when handling the data
  • Available solutions that transform the healthcare sector and hospitals to improve patient experience and operational performance
  • Smart energy control and management solutions

The two speakers will be joined by Antoine Grange (Co-President of the French Chamber’s Wise City committee & CEO of Recycling & Recovery of SUEZ Asia) in the panel discussion.