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LinkedIn for business (Part 2): Upgrade your profile visibility

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After upgrading your profile, the next step is to present yourself powerfully to the market!


In Part 2 of the popular ‘LinkedIn for Business’ series you will build on the valuable lessons learned in Part 1 in order to take your presence on LinkedIn to the next level.

If you missed out on Part 1, don't worry! This session will still provide you the tools you need to stand out from the crowd and grow your influence with recruiters, hiring managers & clients


LinkedIn has a process called the 4 pillars of success. These are:

1. Establish your Personal brand with an All-Star or 100% complete profile

2. Use LinkedIn identify & target decision-making level, budget holding clients

3. Be active on the site by posting interesting content & engaging with others posts


ONLY when you do these things in that exact order, will you achieve the 4th pillar of success:

4. Build strong relationships with your connections

After upgrading your profile, the next step is to present yourself powerfully to the market.


At this workshop you will learn how to:

· Use the power of LinkedIn Groups to grow your influence to target clients outside of your immediate network

· Use the power of LinkedIn Company Pages to dominate Google searches

· Easily grow your LinkedIn network

· Identify & connect with target clients

· Learn more about your target client before you meet them

· Build rapport with your target clients

· Be active & visible on the site in an interesting, engaging way that will have clients & recruiters calling you

· Use the power of LinkedIn Articles to present yourself as an industry thought leader & opinion former

· Learn more hidden LinkedIn features & hacks you probably do not even know exist