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Post-pandemic economic outlook: What to expect in the short and medium term for Asia?

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Monday 5 October 2020 - 3:00 Pm

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What do the post-COVID economies look like? Take a look at the features of the global post-pandemic economy with Alicia Garcia Herrero from Natixis.


As economies around the world show signs of rebound as lockdowns and restrictions are slowly lifted, we will take a look at the post-COVID economic conditions in Hong Kong, China, Asia, and our European or US counterparts.

Alicia Garcia Herrero, Chief Economist of Asia Pacific at Natixis and Honorary Economist of the French Chamber, will speak about the characteristics and features of the global post-pandemic economy and the key issues for Asia, especially Hong Kong and China.

Alicia will walk you through the following key areas and their short-term and medium-term developments:

  • The growing competition between China and the US, deglobalisation, and decoupling
  • Potential growth and profitability of corporates
  • Income distribution
  • Asset price in relation to the monetary and fiscal policies in place
  • Financial stability of emerging economies