Webinar: The Connected Cities Conference 2020


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Find out how Smart / Connected Cities around the world are using the latest technology and finding more innovative solutions on city living.


As one of the most dynamic cities in the world, Hong Kong is constantly facing the need to innovate and enhance its liveability, workability, and sustainability.

KPMG and the French Chamber are excited to invite you to attend the Connected Cities Conference 2020, as the half-day conference discusses the future of cities, bettering the environment through technology, and shifting challenges of living in the city.

At the conference, innovations for the next generation of city living will be showcased and examples of Smart Cities developments around the world will be discussed. Speakers from academia, business, and leading entrepreneurs including KPMG, SiemensHong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel, CLP Power, Hong Kong Broadband NetworkSmart City Consortium, and Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company will share their expert insights and plans on materialising the Smart City in Hong Kong.

The Connected Cities Conference is also part of the StartmeupHK Festival to celebrate the best of tech innovation in Hong Kong. Along with the Connected Cities Conference, the platform will welcome startups, investors, and industry leaders bringing together world-renowned speakers, interactive how-to sessions, hackathons, and valuable lessons from celebrated founders and investors in fintech, healthtech, Smart City technologies, IOT, retail and logistics innovation, edtech and much more.

For the full line-up of speakers, please click here. To register for this event, please email us.