Accuracy is a wholly independent, international consulting firm providing advice to decision-makers and stakeholders for their strategic and critical decisions.  Our strength is to connect strategy, facts and figures.  Our teams are international and multicultural, combining various skills to provide bespoke services (strategy, transactions, valuation, M&A, data science, disputes an crises, etc.) to our clients.

Accuracy's dedication to clients is an essential ingredient to the high quality of work. It ensures that teams work under the strictest ethical standards, steering well clear of any conflicts of interest and putting client confidentiality at the top of the agenda.

Founded in 2004, Accuracy is now present in 13 countries and 19 offices in Europe, North America, Asia, Middle East and Africa and leads engagements all over the world.  When a client hires Accuracy, that client is hiring the whole firm, not an office.  We build bespoke teams for each job from across the entire business.

Accuracy has been in Asia for over 10 years, with over 60 consultants in 4 offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore and New Delhi.  Our Hong Kong team has the following areas of focus:

  • Cross-border transactions
  • Valuation and investments
  • Disputes and arbitration
  • Business performance and innovation
  • Advisory for financial institutions, including risk management and regulatory compliance


Global client services

We provide our in-depth knowledge and expertise to our clients to help them face different situations:

Transaction & investment:

  • Transactions: we advise corporations and investors in complex or international transactions, divestures, carve-outs, BP preparation / assessments, synergy quantification and expert diligence.
  • Valuation & investment: we provide independent views and fairness opinions on investment decisions / transaction valuations.
  • Project advisory: we provide advice and assistance to contractors, investors and owners for their investment decisions and project management needs in construction, infrastructure and other capital-intensive projects.
  • Post M&A: we assist buyers in integrating companies, identifying and monitoring synergies and managing contentious post-transactional issues.


Disputes & crises:

  • Disputes & arbitration: we provide support in all kinds of dispute situations from pre-dispute phase, through to settlements or testifying as expert witnesses in hearings in various contexts including international arbitration, post M&A, JV and shareholder disputes, royalty audits and antitrust cases.
  • Recovery: we help management teams, shareholders and debtors in distressed or underperforming situations.
  • Investigation & forensic services: we help clients identify and remediate potential misconduct relating to civil, criminal and regulatory matters.
  • Construction: our project specialists and delay & quantum expert witnesses provides advice and assistance to contractors and owners, in all kinds of construction and infrastructure dispute situations.

Corporate strategy & finance:

  • Group & portfolio strategy: we support management and c-suites in taking critical strategic and financial decisions on their portfolio of activities, capital allocation and options for development.
  • Public equity & stock performance: we help IPO-candidates and listed companies to communicate their strategic options and financial perspectives effectively, improving stock performance and reacting to activists.
  • Strategic & financial planning: we support companies and financial institutions in their planning, in areas such as financial strategy, balance sheet management, strategic planning, risk and crisis management, and asset and share valuation.

Business performance & Innovation:

  • Market & business strategy: we support business units of large corporations in building long-term competitive advantages, renewing growth levers and implementing major operational improvements.
  • Business model innovation & technology: we help clients to build innovation bridges with start-ups, providing due diligence on innovation potential in acquisitions, identifying disruptive models, and tracking open innovation performance.
  • Digital solutions & smart reporting: we provide bespoke tools and technology combined with data science skills to process and visualise data in order to make informed decisions in a digital environment.
  • Transformation: we assist in major transformation plans relating to pricing, industrial footprint, product portfolios and reorganisations.
  • Innovation: building innovation bridges with start-ups, identifying and assessing disruptive business models.

Specific expertise for the financial services industry:

  • We also have developed internal capabilities to serve specifically the needs of banks and other financial institutions in their complex decision or change management.
  • Our expertise encompass risk management and regulatory compliance, financial modelling, fair valuation of financial products, data science and analytics, technology adoption and system implementation, process automation, toolkits development and enhancement, strategic transformation.

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