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Clestra opens new showroom in Hong Kong

Clestra, a global leader in system partition solutions for workspaces offices and cleanrooms, is pleased to announce the opening of its new office in Hong Kong, located in Taikoo at 1063 King’s Road.

Designed by Ed Peter, the design of the office highlights the 5 main benefits of using Clestra Workplace Solutions:

Sustainability, with our prefabricated monobloc solid panels. Faster and cleaner installation compared to drywall, with easier relocations too. The VOC Grade A+ certification of our paint finish allows a very healthy Indoor Air Quality for our staff.

Privacy, with our very good acoustic performance on full height partition systems, as well as phone booths. Visual privacy too with switchable glass on both partitions and operable walls, as well as integrated venetian blinds in our double glazed products.

Flexibility: Single glazed offset to double glazed partitions, glazed and solid operable walls, folding table in the partition, bi-bloc solid panels allowing a high flexibility level on reconfigurations. Clestrashop magnetic accessories also allows flexibility and space personalization for the User.

Design: Wood insert in the double glazed profiles, framed and frameless systems, gridded partitions (2 and 3 stairs).

Technology: Clestra Mediawall with touchscreen and glass boards acting as speakers, room booking system integration.