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Clever Age's 20th anniversary

Since 2001, Clever Age has never stopped growing and taking up new challenges: extended its geographic reach, bringing together new partners, ever more ambitious projects with ever more success… and it's not going to end soon!

Thank you for your trust for the past 20 years!

For the past 20 years, Clever Age have had the chance to participate in the deep changes of our world, for better or for worse. Our industry has completely transformed personal and professional behaviours, business models, interpersonal relationships ... in all traditional business areas. Thanks to our customers and collaborators who trusted us, we have learned, tried, made mistakes, readjusted, progressed, succeeded... always aiming to strive for excellence.

It is so gratifying to have gone through this exciting human adventure while maintaining our three core values: independence, conviction & commitment. 20 years is something to celebrate. Time flies, but let's look ahead and keep up with the new challenges to come.