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Crystal International spreads more love to employees and communities with caring initiatives amid Covid-19

Crystal International Group Limited (“Crystal International” or the “Group”, stock code: 2232) continues to work with the governments and local communities in the operating countries to care the global employees and the communities during this prolonged pandemic. Over a year of the fight against the pandemic, Crystal International stays strong together to keep all employees healthy and safe and demonstrate strong social responsibility to care the communities.

All the factories in Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka undertook thorough sterilisation and disinfection. The factories regularly disinfect the production floors, shuttle buses, warehouses, canteens, and all other places, to protect the health and safety of all employees. In addition, the intimate factory in Vietnam picked up the employees from their home areas to the factory to prevent them from being infected in the public transportation.

Recent caring activities conducted by Crystal International for employees and the communities are highlighted as follows.

  • Arrangement of COVID-19 tests and vaccinations
  • Adequate supply of food and necessities to employees
  • Proper accommodation in the factories
  • Comprehensive disinfection
  • Generous donation to the communities

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