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FlashInfo 6 March 2020

Next week, make sure to book your place for another webinar devoted to the current situation as we look at business continuity management with experts from KPMG (11 March). Book your spot now to learn more about planning for and adapting to times of crisis.

As the ongoing situation continues to pose challenges on many fronts, we must recognise that the impact felt by the ecosystem of international schools in Hong Kong also has implications for the city’s international business community. In this current context, we’d like to share with you a message from the Chairman of the Board of the French International School of Hong Kong.

Coming up, we’re delighted to announce the inaugural edition of our Positive Impact conference (13 May)! Join us to find out how we can change the culture of business to solve the world's biggest environmental and social challenges. First round of speakers to be announced shortly – stay tuned.