Martial JaumeInternational coordinator, The Climate Collage

Martial Jaume is a former research professional with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. He currently serves as Sciences teacher and Sustainability Pedagogical Coordinator at French International School of Hong Kong.

His love for implementing student-centered learning approaches likely comes from his past as a research team leader and because they are, to him, stunning ways to help students develop critical skills while delving deeply into their academic content. His focus on Science-based learning offers opportunities for students to actively explore and address challenges while building skills in teamwork and communication, research, data collection and analysis, community engagement, and reflection. 

He holds a PhD (in the field of Immunology) from the University of Toulouse, France, where he completed his research training at INSERM, a public scientific and technological institute which operates under the joint authority of the French Ministries of Health and Research.