Silver economy


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How can business embrace the daunting reality of the city's rapidly-ageing society?

The elderly are expected to encompass one quarter of Hong Kong's population in the next two decades. The stakes, then, are understandably high for a city which has so far struggled to prepare itself for the silver tsunami.


Who we spoke to in this edition:

  • Colman Wong, CEO, Helping Hand
  • Joyce Mak, Founder, Gingko House
  • Kenneth She, CEO of Humansa, Head of Ageing and Wellness at New World Group
  • Pamela Leung, CEO, Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation
  • Lawrence Lui, Co-Founder, Longevity Design House
  • Patrick Cheung, Founder, Jade Club
  • Nathaniel Farouz, CEO, ORPEA China
  • Steven Chiu, Director, Active Global Specialised Caregivers Hong Kong

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