Accenture Insight Report- Uniting Technology and Sustainability

We all know that the sustainability and clean energy landscape is evolving. Net zero emissions is on its way to being replaced by climate positivity, sustainable products are booming now, ESG investing is taking over the financial world, and more cities and states are requiring companies to report on energy use and emissions.

But how can companies leverage technology to achieve their sustainable goals?
Accenture is delighted to share their latest Sustainability Insight Report with our community.

About the PoV – Uniting Technology and Sustainability:

Technology is a vital enabler of sustainability - from accelerating Net zero transitions to building more sustainable value chains. Our new research revealed that companies with most comprehensive sustainable tech strategies perform better across the board. These organizations enable and scale sustainability using the power of technology while making technology itself more sustainable. Our report highlights the critical role of the CIO in driving business value and ESG performance while reducing negative impact of technology.