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Accenture releases latest research on ever-ready infrastructure

Enterprise technology continues to advance at an accelerated pace. And each step forward surpasses the next. As the saying goes, “the more advanced technology gets, the quicker it becomes more advanced”. From multi-cloud and hybrid cloud to AI and ML to edge computing, these advances have unlocked an enormous number of new opportunities for generating business value.

The catch? They’ve also left IT departments severely pressed to keep up—let alone get ahead of the technology curve.

In its latest research paper, Accenture looks at the importance of ever-ready IT infrastructure and how your organisation should prepare for the ongoing rigours of transformation.

In brief:

  • As the Cloud Continuum evolves, IT departments face more pressure to meet faster transformation deadlines while supporting more complex technology.
  • Companies must evolve how they architect, develop and operate tech infrastructure—including compute, network, workplace and data platforms.
  • Accenture’s Stabilize-Optimize-Transform approach can help enterprises truly reinvent their business with cloud.
  • Other key considerations for companies include building a strong network to meet your Continuum needs and creating the right workplace environment.

Download the full report.