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Accenture's Technology Vision 2024

This year’s Tech Vision theme is Human by Design: How AI unleashes the next level of human potential. The report examines how emerging technologies such as generative AI are becoming more human in their nature. Human-centric technologies are driving more capability to help people be more creative and productive and can be seamlessly integrated across our lives.

The Tech Vision trends explore how generative AI, spatial computing and body-sensing technologies have the potential to accelerate unprecedented change across industries and help organizations reinvent their businesses. The technologies can create a positive impact on business and society if used responsibly and fairly and leaders take a balanced “Human by Design” approach.  The choices enterprise leaders make, and the values they uphold, are now reverberating far beyond profit margins and shareholder returns, making it more important than ever that enterprises innovate with purpose and build technologies that amplify, rather than overshadow, human potential.

Full report here.