Beyond Social Media: Digital Business Lab Celebrates 10 Years of Crafting Online Communities while Anticipating Future Growth in Mainland China and Web 3.0 Investments

Digital Business Lab, the pioneering agency in social media storytelling and community building, proudly marks its remarkable ten-year journey of empowering brands with engaging narratives and fostering vibrant online communities. On this milestone, the agency unveils strategic plans to expand its presence in Mainland China and make significant investments in the emerging Web 3.0 space, positioning itself as a trailblazer in the digital marketing industry. 

Over the last decade, Digital Business Lab, founded by Albin Lix, has played a pivotal role in transforming online communication for brands seeking to connect with their audiences and foster community.

Embark on a visual journey of Digital Business Lab's remarkable decade-long trajectory via an engaging and immersive 3D animated video.

Amidst Growing Challenges, an Innovative Solution Emerges

Digital Business Lab's inception was sparked by Albin Lix's vision to revolutionize online communication. In the company's early days, Albin met with numerous brands, giving him insight into their challenges when building cohesive and engaging communities on social media. He saw a disjointed landscape where creative, PR, and media agencies worked in silos. These specialists targeted the same audiences but lacked synchronisation, particularly when strategies had to be adapted for different markets like Mainland China, APAC, Japan, and Korea.

To bridge this gap, Digital Business Lab introduced an innovative “One Stop Social Media Shop”. This approach combined various aspects of Community marketing, increasing efficiency and ensuring a unified brand voice.

Building Engaged Communities Across Asia and Beyond

Today, Digital Business Lab boasts a multicultural team of over 25 professionals in Singapore and Hong Kong. They have catered to diverse sectors, including finance, insurance, energy, luxury, and tech, delivering high-value, ultra-targeted experiences in more than 12 languages. Their commitment to being 'precisely localised and regionally consistent' has allowed them to help brands build engaged communities across Asia and beyond.

Under the strategic direction of General Manager Xavier Schillinger, who joined in 2018, Digital Business Lab has experienced rapid growth and strengthened client relationships. Xavier's unwavering commitment to excellence and service quality has fostered long-standing relationships with partners and clients and steered the team towards significant success.

Expanding Geographical Reach and Embracing the Future

The agency's geographic reach has expanded, with its services branching out to China in 2016 and the broader APAC region in 2018. A new office was inaugurated in Singapore in 2019, and the upcoming Shenzhen location in 2023 promises to be another exciting milestone.

As Digital Business Lab steps into its next decade, it does so with an unyielding commitment to growth and innovation. Plans to establish more offices in the Asian region and substantial investments in Web 3.0 bear testament to this. Yet, amid all its future-facing endeavours, the agency remains rooted in the values instilled by Albin from the very start: humility, passion, and loyalty.