BOCHK's digital platforms ready for Cash Payout Scheme registration

Bank of China (Hong Kong) (“BOCHK”) has actively dovetailed with the HKSAR Government’s Cash Payout Scheme (“the Scheme”), with both its digital channels and branch network all set to assist citizens and customers in registering for the Scheme from 21 June 2020 to 31 December 2021 (“registration period”) to receive the HK$10,000 payment.

Mr Stephen Chan, General Manager, Personal Banking and Wealth Management Department of BOCHK, said, “BOCHK is all set and ready to assist citizens and customers in registering for the Cash Payout Scheme so that they can receive the HK$10,000 payment as early as possible. On  21  June  (Sunday),  the  first  day open  for registration, customers may register through BOCHK Mobile/Internet Banking or website starting from 7 am. In addition, we have arranged over 1,000 staff members that day to answer questions and provide assistance to the first batch of elderly registrants and customers from 9 am to 5 pm at 169 of our branches throughout Hong Kong. Priority seats have also been reserved for the needy. In addition, as the only bank that offers cheque encashment services for the Scheme, we will offer such services to citizens at 169 of our branches, 34 of which are equipped with designated cheque encashment counters.”


Registration made easy through Mobile/Internet Banking


For customers who register for the Scheme through BOCHK Mobile/Internet Banking, they will only need to select the bank account for receiving the payment and confirm their mobile phone number upon login without having to input their personal details. The process is simple and convenient (please see below the registration procedures). Customers may also check their registration status via Mobile/Internet Banking.

In addition, customers may also fill out the electronic registration form on BOCHK website and the main page of Mobile Banking by simply inputting their BOCHK personal account number, partial HKID number and local mobile phone number following the instructions.


Extensive branch network facilitates form collection and submission


During the registration period, citizens and customers may collect and submit registration forms at 169 of our branches throughout Hong Kong. Please refer to the Bank’s website for details of the  branches.  The  registration  forms  can  be  downloaded  from  BOCHK  website or collected from the branches. Customers must provide their Chinese or English name, HKID number, local mobile phone number, the name of the bank for receiving the payment and account number on the registration form, confirming with signature. The Bank advises customers to provide a local mobile phone number with SMS function so that they can receive SMSs related to the registration.


The registration forms can be collected and submitted at the following branches:


SMS notifications and enquiries


After the payment has been disbursed into the account, the Bank will notify the customer via SMS, email or mail. For details of the registration arrangements, please visit our website or enquire with our branch staff. In addition, our online chat will be available 24 hours to answer customers’ enquiries. Our “Cash Payout Scheme” hotline (852) 3988-1898 is now open for customer enquiries regarding the Scheme and its registration.


Payment collection


Customers who registered for the Scheme during the period from 21 to 30 June via digital channels will begin to receive the payment in their specified BOCHK account from 8 July. Those who registered after 30 June will receive the payment in about a week from the day they completed registration. If customers submitted a paper registration form, the payment will be disbursed around two weeks after the end of the registration commencement period for their respective batch. For example, those who registered during the period from 21 June to 4 July will start receiving the payment from around 20 July.

Citizens who choose to collect the HK$10,000 payment by cheque from the post office may encash the cheque at any of our 169 branches, of which 34 are equipped with designated cash encashment counters.