Meet the new Statrys: Hong Kong-based Fintech Statrys undergoes major makeover after 2-year growth rally

Statrys, a Hong Kong-based digital payment services platform started in 2018 is getting a whole new look after more than two years of helping small businesses across the world make payments via its multi-currency business accounts.

With a new identity that aims to reflect the dynamism of the digital payments environment, Statrys is delivering a more human approach for the future, as well as a new symbol that's easier to recognize. The company is also coming out with an updated color scheme that defends its values, and a richer user experience.

Statrys's new identity is set to reflect the dynamism of the digital payments environment with a human approach to the future of fintech.

Alex Santafe, Statrys Creative Director behind this new look explains more about this new identity. Alex says, "We know we have a different way of doing things. We just had to find a voice, a look that represents our values and our personality, and communicate it well. Human, clear and straightforward just like we think business should be like."

Santafe follows up saying that,"Fintechs and banks, in general, tend to be very bland, with a please-everyone kind of feeling. We know our customers are not like that. We realized our brand was not aligned with our values. We strive for a more human approach. We know it is not about technology, it's about people."

Bertrand Theaud, CEO of Statrys, shared a few words on what the rebranding means to his team and for the 1,000+ Statrys account holders: "What IS changing at Statrys is YOUR experience with US. Essentially, what we do at Statrys is all staying the same. Our commitment is to always bringing the most human experience to payments, our attitude towards always being transparent in everything we do, and our readiness to find ways to help businesses are all staying the same. Our brand is finally catching up with what we want to stand for"



Read Statrys’s blog post for more information about the new changed.