Phenix by OnTheList: App launched to combat food waste

An anti-food waste App is born in Hong Kong to help food and beverages partners turn surplus food into opportunities. Phenix by OnTheList App provides customers an easy access to perfectly good food from restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, cake shops, at a discounted price which would otherwise be discarded. 

Every day, the city sends up to 3,600 tonnes of food waste to landfills and one third of the word’s food is wasted. If this can be rescued and turned into opportunities, it would not only be beneficial to the environment, but also food retailers, customers and the society as a whole. Such win-win-win situation is the fundamental concept of Phenix by OnTheList. Products which have lost their commercial values but remain good  will be available for sale on the App. With the App, partners generate additional profits from the originally lost cost while customers can enjoy “delicious” discount offers of gourmets from 50 to 80% off.



Launching in February, Phenix by OnTheList has already garnered the support of several partners, including The Cakery, CaliMex, Capo Group, Bain Marie, Oolaa, and even City Super is really interested in the concept. The partners range from restaurants providing Italian or French cuisines, to bakeries and food distributors. 

The project is a joint venture between Phenix and OnTheList. Since 2015, OnTheList has saved more than 2M items by helping brands sell their past season items using a members-only flash sales concept. Phenix, on the other hand, is an environmental social enterprise based in France with footprints in 5 countries in Europe, saving 120,000 meals per day. 

With both companies being experienced in turning waste into opportunities, combining Phenix’s anti-food waste technology and OnTheList’s qualified member base of 371,000 consumers for a strong collaboration to advocate sustainability in Hong Kong and reach the objective of zero food waste.


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