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Retail revives but who survives? Hear from our experts on the consumer trends shaping tomorrow's retail landscape.

From a behind-the-scenes look at the life of a social media influencer to an in-store visit with Decathlon Hong Kong’s Co-CEO, we dived in to the consumer trends shaping retail for the years to come.

Is this the end of brick-and-mortar retail as we know it? How is data science changing the game for retailers in Hong Kong? How does experience transfer across online and offline touchpoints?

Find out all this and more in Consumer Trends: Retail revives but who survives?

Thanks to our interviewees in this edition:

  • Delphine Dultzin, Co-Founder, OnTheList
  • Olivier Kuziner, Managing Partner APAC, Ekimetrics
  • J Lou, Influencer and Content Creator
  • Lisa Noraz, Co-CEO, Decathlon Hong Kong
  • Laurence Ouaknine, Founder, AuCoeurDuLuxe (ACDL)
  • Ricky Wong, Founder, HKTVmall

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