Accenture China Digital Transformation Index 2023

The Accenture China Digital Transformation Index reflects cross-industry research that assessed the digital maturity of companies across China. First published in 2018, the latest edition analyzed five new capabilities including strategy, operations and innovation, digital core, sustainability, and talent that are key to drive business reinvention. The study surveyed more than 550 companies in eight industries and has been published in collaboration with China Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (CIC).


The research indicates that only 22% of businesses are transforming all parts of their organization, and only 28% recognize that digital transformation is an ongoing process. It also shows that organizations are lagging in building key capabilities needed for them to reinvent. On a total of 100, Chinese companies scored 58 in optimizing operations, and 39 in building a digital core, which could hamper their efforts in leveraging technologies such as generative AI. Forty six percent said they will increase future investments in AI and automation.


The report listed five key areas of action that the 2% of leading companies or the ‘Reinventors’ focus on, and if prioritized can help more Chinese companies achieve sustainable growth:

  1. Set New Performance Frontier
  2. Integrate for enterprise-level change
  3. Strengthen the digital core
  4. Embed sustainability into strategy and operations
  5. Empower tomorrow’s workforce

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