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Alea Report 2022: Insurance and mental health: Improving but is it enough?

Alea presents its first report on mental health, insurance with highlights the protection gap for mental health in Hong Kong, with in-depth research of 20 insurers.

The ongoing pandemic and ever-changing measures in Hong Kong have done unprecedented damage to people's mental health. A recent poll showed that Hong Kong had one of the highest stress levels among 11 countries surveyed, with 91% of respondents claiming to be stressed – higher than the global average.

“At a time when mental health has never been so important, we are proud to shed light on what Hong Kong insurers have been doing to address rising mental health risks. While a step in the right direction, more needs to be done especially in regards to the cover of mental health pre-existing conditions” said Amelie Dionne-Charest, Co-founder of Alea.



Alea have conducted in-depth investigations to provide you with an extensive report including:

  • Insurance coverage of mental health In Hong Kong: where do we stand?

  • Trends in mental health protection : new initiatives by insurance providers

  • Appendix: Mental health services in Hong Kong


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