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ASIALLIANS opens Hong Kong bureau

ASIALLIANS is delighted to announce the launch of its Hong Kong-based law firm with partners K.Y. Woo & Co. Solicitors and Notaries.

ASIALLIANS practitioners have been involved in cross-border operations for more than two decades in the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Its presence in these three Asian jurisdictions allows has allowed the firm to bring a global approach with extensive knowledge of the local legal, political and cultural systems in each of these territories.

In Hong Kong ASIALLIANS will partner with K.Y. Woo & Co. Solicitors and Notaries, a longstanding family-run boutique law firm which has been practicing since 1969 with an in-depth understanding of the legal, cultural, business and political environment in Hong Kong. Its members and relations include some of the most senior judges and lawyers in Hong Kong. K.Y. Woo & Co. has remained at the forefront of the Hong Kong litigation and commercial landscape for half a century, servicing a wide range of clients, from corporations to individuals. Our partner provides full-scale services from petty criminal matters to complex corporate transactions.

ASIALLIANS LLP Hong Kong unites the forces and talent of a team of seasoned French and Hong Kong lawyers to offer its clients a seamless, comprehensive and tailor-made scope of legal services.

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