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ASIALLIANS: The coronavirus outbreak in China: What shall enterprises pay attention to? (Part II)

On February 8, 2020, the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of PRC State Council announced during its press conference that the pneumonia will now be officially referred to as Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (“NCP”). Till February 12, 2020, the death toll from the NCP cases stands at 1114, with over 44742 confirmed infectious cases reported.

In our previous legal update, we have pointed out that due to the NCP outbreak, the Chinese New Year had been extended in most cities/provinces, and most of cities/provinces would resume to work on February 10, 2020.1  However, in practice, we found that many enterprises still cannot resume to work due to specific local restrictions/requirements.

1. Reporting System Implemented for Resumption of Work

In the following cities, a specific reporting system shall be conducted for enterprises to resume work.

For the cities not subject to such reporting system, such as Beijing and Shanghai, enterprises therein can resume to work now. However, in these cities, flexible working schedule are encouraged pursuant to a notification issued by PRC Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, which stipulates that enterprises are encouraged to adopt flexible remote working from home or to have flexible working hours to avoid peak commuting hours, in order to avoid gathering or concentration.8

2. Community Prevention and Control

Many cities have strengthened the epidemic control management of residential communities and notifications for community prevention and control have been released gradually. For example:

In different notifications for community prevention and control, the follow measures have been taken in the respective residential community:

• Residential areas shall be closed-off for management;
• Residents’ body temperature shall be measured at entering and exiting residence;
• Residents in and out shall wear masks;
• Express deliverymen and take-away deliverymen are forbidden to enter into the community, and the residents shall take them at the gate of the community;
• Residents who have lived in key areas of the epidemic in the past 14 days are to be isolated at home or received medical observation.

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In addition, in Beijing, in Beijing, the entertainment room and sports room in the community shall not be open.

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